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Service Providers

Service Providers are invited to join FCAP and can participate in many different ways. FCAP recognizes that service providers are the authorities in their respective fields. Opportunities for FCAP service provider members include presenting seminars, hosting roundtables, contributing to curriculum, offering CEUs, and participating in the statewide FCAP Conference.


CASP - Community Association Service Provider is a professional designation offered by FCAP to a select group of committed professional service providers that have proven through their commitment to training, ethics, and business history that they are trustworthy.



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Meet FCAP's CASP-Designated Members


Doing Business with Community Associations

CASP Designated Members have completed a training course designed to teach the unique needs of community associations along with proven communication tools to create confident sales people, knowledgeable staff, and a powerful management team. The course is currently offered by Florida CAM Schools, LLC.



  • Using a DISC personality assessment, receive detailed evaluations focusing on business skills
  • Identify individual communication styles
  • Learn to communicate better with clients and co-workers
  • Recognize verbal and visual communication messages
  • Create action plans for strengthening communication or leadership style

Community Association Management

  • Community association structure
  • Community association governance
  • Practical applications when working with community associations
  • How to have more success and less frustration when connecting with community association boards
  • Roundtable discussions of in-the-field experiences

2. VET

CASP Designated Members have been "vetted" in the following critical areas of business:

  • Legal Right to Do Business - Business license and applicable professional license are verified
  • Business Character - Complaints against license, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, and credit standing are researched and found acceptable
  • Viability - Equifax business risk assessment, credit risk, and failure risk are within their acceptable range
  • Ethical Standards - Agreement to CFCAP Statement of Ethics reinforces standards in key areas, such as financial management, complaint handling, and employee supervision
  • Commitment - Completed industry-specific training ("Doing Business with Community Associations" - DBCA)